SBM Roundtable and election reflections

Election Outcome What a week it’s been. We now have a minority Conservative government which will need alliances and compromises to achieve a working majority. It looks like the Democratic Unionist Party have the whip hand in these negotiations for the time being. Inevitably this will temper some of the policies and plans the Conservatives …

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Who are the DUP?

In the last of my animations, one I did not expect to be producing, I outline the main policy aims of the Democratic Unionist Party. As a result of last Thursday’s general election, they now hold the balance of power under ‘supply and confidence’ arrangements and will support Theresa May as she seeks to get …

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It’s all about the money

With a week to go until the 2017 General Election, it is crucial that we keep up pressure on politicians. We need to drive home the message that there is a funding crisis in education and that they must reverse the funding cuts. Weasel words and false promises of protection won’t pay staff salaries. The …

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Quick tour of the Liberal Democrat education policies

The third and final animated video in my election series details the raft of policies proposed by the Liberal Democrats. Be warned – it’s the longest so far, so it starts with the headlines if you’re short on time. School funding, mental health, the Lib Dem position on grammar schools are all in here should …

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Animated summary of the Labour education manifesto

In the second of my series of animated manifestos, I have summarised Labour’s main policies related to schools, teacher pay arrangements and in-school counselling. Take a few minutes out of your day to find out what a Labour government would mean for schools. Click here for yesterday’s animation of the Conservatives’ education policies

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Handy video summary of the Tory education manifesto

Want to know what the major policy promises are for education in the 2017 General Election? In the first of three animations, I have set out the main policy pledges from the Tories that will impact on schools. Over the next couple of days, the plan is to do the same for the Labour and Lib …

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School business leaders to hold roundtable discussion

A group of school business professionals have convened a roundtable discussion in Birmingham on the 30th May. The event will take place just days before the General Election. I’m one of the SBMs who came up with the idea and I am convinced the time is right to hear from school business leaders as the country decides which …

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