It’s all about the money

With a week to go until the 2017 General Election, it is crucial that we keep up pressure on politicians. We need to drive home the message that there is a funding crisis in education and that they must reverse the funding cuts.

Weasel words and false promises of protection won’t pay staff salaries. The cost pressures schools face are real and they are reducing the quality of state education right now.

The Guardian recently reported an IFS study which noted the impact of Conservative funding policy would still equate to a 3% cut for schools once cost pressures and growth in pupil numbers is accounted for.

“You can’t provide world class education on a shoestring budget.”

We need to champion the message that you simply cant provide a world class education on a shoestring budget. Schools up and down the country are removing lessons from the curriculum, reviewing school trips and enrichment activities and cutting staff once cutting costs fails to realise the savings needed.

This latest video animation is another resource those of us who care deeply about the quality of state education can use to drive home the message that world class schools need world class investment.

Or, to quote Bob Geldof, “just give us the fe*kin’ money”

There are quotes from Hayley Dunn and WorkingSBM in this piece as it is important school business leaders add their voices to the funding debate. They attended the second school business management rountable in Birmingham earlier this week*.

As the debate there proved, no-one knows quite how stretched the education budget is like the school business management community

* search Twitter for the hashtag #SBMRT17 to find out more and continue the debate.