Quick tour of the Liberal Democrat education policies

The third and final animated video in my election series details the raft of policies proposed by the Liberal Democrats. Be warned – it’s the longest so far, so it starts with the headlines if you’re short on time.

School funding, mental health, the Lib Dem position on grammar schools are all in here should you decide to continue beyond the ‘front page’

Click here for my summary of the Conservative polices and here for Labour and remember; check out the actual party manifestos and publications before you vote as these videos are only a summary and might not be complete/100% accurate.

1 thought on “Quick tour of the Liberal Democrat education policies

  1. I noticed there was no mention of the amount of funding required for the Lib-Dem’s manifesto?
    Even if there was, it’s easy to say “well I vote for the one that’s going to spend the most on education” – but this prompts two questions:
    1. How will it be paid for? and
    2. Is it being spent wisely?
    There has been too much ‘waste’ in the past and if funding isn’t being spent where it is most needed, then the promises become worthless.
    At least they all appear to be recognising the significant issue around the level of funding as well as a fairer distribution – although the Tories do still seem to be missing the point that they need to INVEST in education if we’re to have a successful post-Brexit economy. (The extra £4bn promised only prevents schools from losing out in national funding formula – it doesn’t address the need to fund pay increases etc! Every school will still be losing out because of this!)

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