Oscars for school business management

A while back, I created an image of a medal that echoed the New Year Honours and tagged folks on Twitter I thought should be recognised for the support they have given the school business leadership profession. 

We had a bit of fun and, via the medium of Twitter l, got to say thank you to some hard working and generous colleagues. 

The idea of peer recognition makes a return with a set of Oscars for really good practice by UK schools in the area of school business management. 

Yes – there really are trophies up for grabs. They are sitting in my office waiting to be awarded to those schools and practitioners who are doing a good job – as recognised by their peers.


The first competition is to celebrate and showcase schools which have a really good website. Using the hashtag #TopSchoolWebsite I and my fellow School Business Management Round Table crew want to try and find examples of schools who are getting it right. 

Everyone who nominates a school website or who votes in the final poll will get entered into a prize draw. The books for this month’s draw have been kindly donated by Nigel Risner

Top school website

The winning school will get a cheesy Oscar trophy and, more importantly, a note of thanks to say “Well done! We (your community of peers) like what you are doing”

So use the hashtag #TopSchoolWebsite and recommend a school website that you like. It doesn’t have to be all-singing, all-dancing; sometimes clear and easy to navigate wins people over. 

Let’s start sharing what works.