There are over 150 job titles for school and university leaders (and most of them are probably named Sarah or David!)

DDAugPrWsAQF4zTA brief delve into Edubase this week revealed a couple of interesting statistics. School leaders are most likely to be called Sarah or David but you have little chance of accurately guessing their actual job title.

This is because there are over 150 different job titles listed in the DfE’s online database. OK, so some of these are due to spelling errors and inconsistent abbreviation of identical roles, but the list genuinely runs from A to Z:


Academic & Pastoral Principal

Academy Director

Academy Head

Academy Headteacher

Academy Lead

Academy Principal

Acting Co-Headteacher

Acting Collegiate Director

Acting Executive Head Teacher

Acting Executive Headteacher

Acting Head

Acting Head of Academy

Acting Head of Education

Acting Head of Juniors

Acting Head of School

Acting Head Teacher

Acting Head Teacher(S)

Acting Head Teachers

Acting Headmaster

Acting Headmistress

Acting Headteacher

Acting- Headteacher

Acting Headteachers

Acting Headtecher

Acting Principal

Acting Principal & Ceo

Acting School Leader

Acting Vice-Chancellor



Area Headteacher

Assistant Director of Education

Assistant Head Teacher

Associate Head

Associate Head Teacher

Associate Headteacher

Associate Principal

Associate Principle

Campus Coordinator

Campus Principal

Centre Director

Centre Manager


CEO /Executive Headteacher

CEO and Principal

CEO of Southern Academy Trust

CEO/Executive Principal

Chair of College of Teachers

Chair of SMT

Chair of the College of Teachers

Chief Executive

Chief Executive & Principal

Chief Executive and Principal

Chief Executive Heartlands Community Trust

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer – Headteacher

Chief Executive Officer/Executive Head

Chief Executive Officer/Executive Headteacher

Chief Executive/General Secretary

Chief Master

Co – Headteacher

Co Acting Headteacher

Co Head Teacher

Co Headship

Co Headteacher

Co Principal

Co- Principals

Co-Acting Headteacher


Co-Head of School

Co-Head Teacher

Co-Head Teacher, Wsx Alternative Provision College





Co-Interim Principal

College of Teachers

Consultant Headteacher

Consultant Principal

Consulting Headteacher




County Headteacher

Curriculum Lead


Dean of Students and Director

Deputy Education Manager

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Headteacher, NRC Primary


Director for Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Director of Care and Education

Director of Education

Director of Education and Care Services

Director of Learning

Director of Operations

Director of Primaries

Director of Sixth Form

Education Coordinator

Education Co-Ordinator

Education Director

Education Director – Care 4 Children

Education Manager

Ex Principal

Excecutive Headteacher

Exceutive Headteacher

Exec Headteacher

Exectutive Head

Exectuvie Headteacher


Executive Headteacher

Executive Director

Executive Head

Executive Head of Centre

Executive Head of School

Executive Head Teacher

Executive Headmaster

Executive Headmistress

Executive Headteacher

Executive Headteacher SLCF

Executive Headteacher/CEO

Executive Interim Headteacher

Executive Principal

Executive Principle

Executive Prinicpal

Executuve Director

Exexutive Headteacher

Federation Co-Headteacher

Federation Head Teacher

Federation Headteacher

Federation Principal

Federation Strategic Leader

Founder/Managing Director


General Director

General Manager

Group Principal & CEO


Head Learner

Head Master

Head Mistress

Head of Academy

Head of Alternative Provision

Head of Centre

Head of Coleridge

Head of College

Head of Education

Head of Federation

Head of ISC

Head of Learning

Head of Lifestyles and Work

Head of Lincroft School

Head of Lower School

Head of Nursery

Head of Primary Phase

Head of School

Head of School and College

Head of School, Waterwells

Head of Senior School

Head of Service

Head of Short Stay School

Head of Sixth Form

Head of Teaching & Learning

Head of Teaching and Learning

Head of Thornton College

Head of Unit

Head Teacher

Head Teacher (Acting)

Head Teacher Designate

Head Teacher/Head of Centre

Head Teacher/Pastoral Leader

Head Techer


Headmaster and Executive Headteacher


Heads of School


Headteacher & CEO

Headteacher & CEO of MAT

Headteacher (A)

Headteacher (Acting)

Headteacher (Alternative Ph: 01256 393121)

Headteacher (Interim)

Headteacher (Jobshare)

Headteacher (School On Two Sites)

Headteacher Designate

Headteacher EOTAS

Headteacher of the Federation

Headteacher, National Leader of Education

Headteacher, Npqh

Headteacher/ National Leader of Education


Headteacher/Head of Centre

Headteacher/Head of Federation

Headteacher-Headof Centre





High Master

Infant Headteacher

Interim Headteacher

Interim CEO

Interim Exec Headteacher

Interim Executive Head Teacher

Interim Executive Headeacher

Interim Executive Headteacher

Interim Executive Principal

Interim Head

Interim Head of School

Interim Head Teacher

Interim Headteacher

Interim Leader

Interim Principal

Interim School Manager

Intertim Acting Headteacher

Joint Acting Headteacher

Joint Acting Headteachers

Joint CEO

Joint Head Teacher

Joint Heads

Joint Headteacher

Joint Headteachers

Joint Interim Headteacher

Lead Principal

Lead Teacher



Managing Director


Officer In Charge

Operations Manager

Pa To Ceo of Wwpat

Partner Headteacher

Partnership Headteacher


Primary Headteacher

Primary Principal


Principal & Ceo

Principal & Cex

Principal & Chief Exec

Principal & Chief Executive

Principal & Chief Executive Officer

Principal & Head of Secondary

Principal & Chief Executive

Principal (Interim)

Principal / Ceo

Principal / Chief Executive

Principal and CEO

Principal and Chief Executive

Principal and Chief Executive Officer

Principal Designate

Principal Head

Principal Support Intervention Officer


Principal/Chief Executive





Project Lead for Supported Employment

Project Manager


Regional Head Southwest Include

School Administrator

School Business Manager

School Director

School Leader

School Manager

School Principal

Senior Head of Centre

Senior Principal

Senior Teacher

Service Manager

Srategic Head

Stautory Head Teacher

Strategic Lead

Teacher Co-Ordinator

Teacher In Charge

Tef Principal

Transition Principal & Chief Executive

Trust Principal

Vacancy: Lead Teacher

Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive

Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer

Vice Principal

Vice Principals



Zone Manager

So, if you don’t know who the Head of your local school is, your best bet is to address your letter to Sarah or David and not bother guessing his/her job title – the odds are not in your favour!