“appoint people who are better than you and then get out of their way.”

The oft repeated leadership adage is that good leaders appoint people who are better than themselves and then get out of their way.

It is something I have tried to do in every leadership position I have had; surround myself with people who are really, really good at doing their thing and letting them do it. I have been amazed at just how succesful high performing teams can be when I set the direction, challenge them to see just how far they can go and then, crucially, step back.

We are doing this at  – building a platform for school business leaders to share best pratice and to determine what help and advice they want to publish to colleagues. Sure, we sometimes suggest themes or commission an article for a specific audience, but the content and rich practical advice all comes from our members.

Visit the ISBL blog to get advice from experienced school business leaders

Our aim is to speak with authority on matters relating to school business leadership. We do this by enabling talented members with a passion to teach others to share their knowledge.

Visit  and take a look at the quality of practical advice some of our leading practitioners at are putting out. From Hayley Dunn on planning for the academic year ahead to Jo Marchant on the importance of business improvement planning, there is a lot of 

We’ve got contributions from Micon Metcalfe, Stephen Mitchell and Russell Dalton who have experience in significant multi academy trusts. Qualified accountant Sarah Chambers shares her thoughts and blogger Emma Gray demonstrates why I like her writing style so much.

Andy Heron brings a Welsh flavour to the blog with his view from Wrexham. It’s good to have him contributing and I hope to see many more SBP’s from Wales finding their voice and joining him in the years to come.

Just some of the ISBL members who have contributed to the institute’s blog pages in recent months.

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From left to right: Hayely Dunn, Andy Heron, Stephen Mitchell, Russell Dalton, Peter Neale, Sarah Chambers, Jo Marchant, Sheryl Cardwell, Emma Gray, Helen Burge, Claire Edwards, Stephen Morales, Micon Metcalfe, Justine Berkley, Fiona Williams

As a trustee and chair of the Institute of School Business Leadership, it is my job to steer the work of the board and then get out of the way as they govern the organisation. In turn, the board must resource and empower our staff team to run ISBL on a daily basis. The staff team then support our membership do be the very best versions of themselves in their professional roles…and that is when the magic really happens.

So stop reading my musings here and go and read what our members have to say….!!