Launch date announced for the Institute of School Business Leadership

NASBM has confirmed the timeline for its conversion to the institute status and has announced that the new Institute of School Business Leadership will open its doors on the 20th November 2017.

Conversion to Institute status is the latest development for the school business leadership profession and is designed to promote and further professionalise the work NASBM members do in schools across the country.

Senior officials overseeing the conversion from membership association to profession institute described the project as a move designed to give the school business leaders a high status professional body. Tracey Gray, Chair of the Trustees of NASBM, commented:

“Government education policy has changed immeasurably in recent years and this has resulted in increased demands and levels of complexity within the role of school business professionals. Our move to become the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL) will provide business professionals with stronger representation whilst supporting them through our Professional Standards, interpretation of policy detail, accountability and regulations.”

This is a view I echo; the leadership and management of school business activities is a growing profession. Today many thousands of practitioners deftly manage a diverse and complex portfolio of finance and infrastructure systems. We lead a multi-disciplinary workforce supporting high quality teaching and learning. All types and all phases of school and academy depend on the technical knowledge and entrepreneurial leadership abilities of school business professionals.

I wrote about this in a LinkedIn article previously

“Effective school business management is increasingly achieved by harnessing teams of professionals in support of learning from entry level practitioners to senior leaders. Some are generalists, others specialise in technical areas. Collaboration between schools and academies is creating new and interesting career paths for professionals stretching all the way from traditional entry level roles in school administration right up to board-level executive leadership roles in larger schools or complex multi-academy trusts.”

Having our own Institute of School Business Leadership is a positive move.

NASBM CEO, Stephen Morales says

“The new Institute will be committed to delivering greater support on qualifications and personal development. We believe that this will enable the profession to boost its reputation and credibility, as well as deliver increased career opportunities.”

Morales is keen to hear from school business leaders

“In making this transition, we believe that the new Institute will better support its members and the sector at large. For us to do this effectively it is vital that school business professionals share with us what they see as priorities for their professional body. This will enable us to serve them effectively from day one as an Institute.”

ISBL will officially launch on Monday 20th November 2017, following the NASBM Annual Conference (16-17 November). Prior to the launch, the Trustees of NASBM are keen to hear from as many school business professionals across the country as possible, to better understand what they feel should be the priorities for the new Institute.